Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction in Hollywood, FL

Many women with large labia can have pain during sexual intercourse. Large or asymmetrical labia can cause chaffing or discomfort during everyday activities or while wearing certain clothes, such as tight pants. This can result in many functional and cosmetic problems. For many women, it makes wearing bikinis out of the question. Some women also find sexual relations to be increasingly less satisfying, due to enlargement of the labia and stretching of the vagina. This can be emotionally uncomfortable, as well. In fact, some women complain of anxiety about oral sex, concerned about the shape and appearance of their labia.

Women that have severe weight fluctuations or multiple childbirths may get significant stretching of the labia and weakening of the tissues of the vagina. Many women have congenitally enlarged labia that are equally as problematic. Sexual dysfunction is a sensitive topic that people should talk more openly about, especially since remedies are available.

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Sexual DysfunctionvTreatment

Nerve Sparing Reduction Labiaplasty is a safe, simple, outpatient procedure, with minimal postoperative discomfort. The labia (inner lips of the vagina) are contoured and reduced in size. Each patient has individual needs, and the surgery is customized. The sensitive nerves are carefully preserved, maintaining excellent sensation during intercourse. The patient has excellent cosmetic and functional results, with labia that appear “younger” and are less likely to chaff or pinch. The Nerve Sparing technique is unique, and preserves the sensitivity of the labia.

Aesthetic Reduction Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening for Sexual Enhancement is somewhat more complex, and may require a night in the hospital. There is minimal postoperative discomfort. The vagina is tightened in a 3 dimensional fashion, maintaining depth, while narrowing the width of the entroitus (entrance). There is no expected change in sensitivity, after the healing process, however there is now the ability for more contact during sexual intercourse.

There may be other issues that need addressing, as well, including stress incontinence, which can also be corrected at the same time. Treatments are always individualized.

Improve Sexual Health

Sexual dysfunction is a very complex group of issues, relating to anatomic, emotional and medical issues. Medications are available that may also be of great help.

When the problem has an anatomic component, these procedures can greatly enhance the quality of life for those women who suffer from sexual dysfunction related to these anatomical problems.

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