Focal Ablation of Prostate with NanoKnife in Hollywood, FLnanoknife.

Urologist Richard Levin, MD is pleased to announce an innovative, localized treatment option that is reimagining personalized care. The NanoKnife IRE System utilizes Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) to provide precise and confident treatment, while preserving vital structures and remaining versatile in use across organs.

Dr. Levin: “We believe the NanoKnife System for Focal Ablation represents a revolutionary new means of treating prostate tumors, with significantly less side effects. Treatment with Nanoknife can maintain quality of life, providing more treatment options for patients, compared to radiation and radical surgery, the current standards of care. The NanoKnife System empowers our providers with highly effective treatment, as well as gives patients a new pathway. Our practice is committed to our role as a South Florida leader in health care technology, bringing the highest standards and innovation to patient care.”

About the NanoKnife Systemtumor ablation

The NanoKnife System is produced by AngioDynamics, Inc. Unlike most ablative and localized therapies, it does not rely on heating or cooling to destroy tissue, and therefore can be used in all segments of an organ to optimize treatment delivery including areas with arteries, nerves, ducts and other vital structures. The versatility of the NanoKnife System, coupled with its unique IRE technology, provides a precise treatment resulting in confident coverage for the procedure.

The NanoKnife System has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the surgical ablation of soft tissue. The NanoKnife System utilizes low energy direct current electrical pulses to permanently open pores in target cell membranes. These permanent pores, or nano-scale defects, in the cell membranes result in cell death. The treated tissue is then removed by the body’s natural processes in a matter of weeks, mimicking natural cell death. Unlike other ablation technologies, the NanoKnife Ablation System does not achieve tissue ablation using thermal energy.

The NanoKnife Ablation System consists of two major components: a Low Energy Direct Current, or LEDC Generator, and needle-like electrode probes. Up to six (6) electrode probes can be placed into or around the targeted soft tissue. Once the probes are in place, the user enters the appropriate parameters for voltage, number of pulses, interval between pulses, and the pulse length into the generator user interface. The generator then delivers a series of short electric pulses between each electrode probe. The energy delivery is hyper-echoic and can be monitored under real-time ultrasound. For more information, visit

About AngioDynamics, Inc.

AngioDynamics, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative, minimally invasive medical devices used by professional healthcare providers for vascular access, peripheral vascular disease, and oncology. AngioDynamics’ diverse product lines include market-leading ablation systems, vascular access products, angiographic products and accessories, drainage products, thrombolytic products and venous products. For more information, visit

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