Cryoablation Therapy for Prostate Cancer in Hollywood, FL

Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses ice to destroy prostate cancer. Unlike radical prostatectomy, cryotherapy is not major surgery. That means patients are typically back on their feet quickly. And published studies have demonstrated good long-term outcomes from doctors who perform the cryotherapy procedure.

Here are some facts to know about cryotherapy:

  •  It is a minimally invasive treatment typically resulting in the return of baseline urinary function within 12 months.
  • Tumors are typically destroyed in one treatment with biopsies showing no cancer in 87% to 98% of patients.
  • Cryotherapy can be repeated if any cancer cells are detected after the original treatment, or if your cancer returns. It can also be used as a salvage treatment for patients whose cancer comes back after radiation therapy.
  • A urethral warming system is used during the procedure to preserve the urethra, providing the potential to preserve urinary control.

The Day of Your Cryotherapy Procedure

Preparation for cryotherapy is typically the same as for any procedure requiring anesthesia. This means you will be instructed to have no food or drink after a certain time. Right before the procedure, you will have an IV inserted into a vein to supply your body with fluid and any necessary medications such as a relaxant and/or an antibiotic. You will be under anesthesia, either general (you are asleep) or spinal/epidural (you are mildly sedated, and numb from the waist down). You should not feel anything during your cryo procedure. It is performed in a sterile environment to reduce the risk
of infection.

Afterward, you will wake up in a room where your vital signs are watched.

Cryotherapy Recovery

Every person’s body differs somewhat from everyone else’s body. Some men recover very quickly from the procedure, while others may take a little longer to heal. Short-term side effects, experienced by some patients, can include:

  • Swelling and bruising of the scrotum that should decrease within 1-2 weeks
  • Discomfort or minor pain requiring oral medication which should decrease within a week. You may want to ask for a prescription for a pain reliever in case over-the-counter medications are not enough.
  • Possible numbness of the penis for up to one month.
  • Frequent urination, some burning during urination, and low level of blood in the urine for 1-2 weeks.
  • A few drops of blood in the feces for a short time.

Potential long-term side effects may include loss of urinary control, injury to the rectum, and loss of sexual function. The following data provides additional details:
• Incontinence occurred in no more than 8% of patients.
• Injury to the rectum occurred in less than 0.5% of patients.
• Rates of impotence varied from 49% to 93% at 1 year after cryotherapy.

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