Chronic Testicular Pain Treatment in Aventura, FL

Microsurgical Denervation of the Spermatic Cord

Microsurgical Denervation of the Spermatic Cord, or cord stripping, is a type of microsurgery performed by Dr. Richard Levin to treat chronic pain in the testicles when other treatments have failed. Nearly 25 percent of testicular pain does not have a known cause, making this procedure life-changing for men who have not found relief. Dr. Levin conveniently offers microsurgical denervation to patients living in Northern Miami and surrounding areas.

What Causes Chronic Testicular Pain?

Testicular pain is deemed chronic when it is present for at least three months or longer. This pain can be from the epididymis, or other causes such as infection, trauma, testicular torsion, or in serious cases, tumors. Other causes of testicular pain include:

  • Benign cysts
  • Blockages
  • Hydroceles
  • Unknown cause (idiopathic)

What are the Symptoms of Chronic Testicular Pain?

Chronic testicular pain can be pain that is sudden, or slowly over time and can come and go from time to time. The pain can also become worse during intercourse or other physical activity. Some men may experience other symptoms that may or may not be related including fever, nausea, swelling, pain when ejaculating or urinating, discharge, or blood in the urine or semen.

Overview of Microsurgical Denervation of the Spermatic Cord

Denervation of the spermatic cord is performed by a urologist that is trained in microsurgery and is an outpatient procedure. The entire procedure typically takes 45 minutes to an hour. During the procedure, Dr. Levin will use a high powered operating microscope to separate and remove the tissue carrying small nerves in the spermatic cord, thus eliminating the nerves carrying the pain signals.

How Successful is the Procedure?

The procedure has a high success rate and preserves the arteries and lymph glands in the testicle. Studies show that 75 to 80 percent of patients who undergo surgery find complete pain relief, and nine percent finding partial pain relief. After the procedure is complete, your results will be immediate.

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