Author: Richard Levin, MD

Shedding Light On Male Infertility

The last thing most men desire is to be forced to open up about their infertility. However, shedding light on male infertility provides some control of their situation. Men can discover exactly what steps they can take to treat the problem and have the family they have always wanted. Here are a number of issues that can negatively or positively affect male fertility.

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Video Visits Now Available!

Urodocs has a Secure Portal for Telemedicine visits. In accordance with guidelines for privacy and HIPAA protection,
for the convenience of our patients:

Patients can request a video call by calling the office or emailing the administrator to set up an appointment.
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A video visit is an online video conversation with your doctor to help you manage your health. You can connect with Dr. Levin conveniently from your home or office. Insurance coverage varies, but Telemedicine seems to be well covered during the Corona Emergency. The office staff will help clarify any concerns when the appointment is made and confirmed.

Prior to your visit, all forms can be filled out in advance and emailed to our secure email address:

Ask Dr. Levin or a staff member today to learn more and to schedule your first video visit.

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